Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blogging, phone tethering and DEC Alpha server

Tony set up a google blogger blogspot account, and intends to start blogging. The address is

Jon has a laptop that dual boots Ubuntu and windows 7. Jon has tethered windows 7 to his phone in order to get internet access while he is 'out and about', and wanted to do the same in Ubuntu. The initial attempt failed. When it is working, the method used will be posted here.

 Donald is making progress with his project to put Gentoo on the DEC Alpha server. The machine does not output anything to the screen when a monitor is connected to the VGA port. The first task was to make a serial cable, then connect a laptop to the Alpha and run minicom. The Alpha can now be controlled by the laptop running minicom over the serial port. The gentoo cd has been booted, and the hard disk has been partitioned, ready for the install....... more to follow!
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